A breech-loading smart laser-guided rocket launcher. The smart rockets can be guided to the target either by target lock or laser guidance.

The missile launching system fires five "grenades" out of the barrel that activate thrusters after a short period of time. The "Grenades" then rocket upwards to make a lobbing arc down to the target (Wherever the user has pointed the laser sight).

This weapon is extremely effective for handling large clusters of enemies, but can be just as effective for stray units.

The weapon is obtained via Dexter, when he hands it to you during one of the WW1 levels. It is seen here, and here only from then on in the game, as towards the end of the level, Dexter removes it from you, stating, "Okay, give me that! I can't let just anyone get their grimy little d*ck-beaters on it."

This weapon comes in second only to the FMG in it's impressive power. 

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